Friday Favorites

Might as well jump on this bandwagon and share some of my Friday Favorites! I know I always love seeing what everyone else is digging these days, so lets talk about some of my favorite things:

1. Poland Spring Seltzer – Black Cherry:


I love seltzer and prefer it to water. I don’t know what it is, but Black Cherry is my absolutely favorite. I cannot get enough of this flavor. I am usually lugging home multiple cases when my grocery store has it in stock. It’s probably a total mind game, but the Polar Black Cherry seltzer just does not have the same taste. Is that weird? Like how  many variations can there be on Black Cherry? Poland Spring for life…

2. SoulCycle Westport: imgres I am addicted. I completely blame my obsession on my friend Izzy. Once Izzy started working on SoulCycle she wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing their classes are. Finally (looking back I honestly don’t know what took me so long), I tried a class. Ummm… I 100% regret not starting sooner. And now, they opened a studio in my hometown! I live between the two CT studios, Greenwich and Westport, so now I have even more classes to choose from. Honestly, if anyone is reading this and wants to go… let me know. Another expensive habit that at the end of the month I feel like I can justify? At least it’s not shoes?

3. Warm Weather:

It has arrived. Spring! Almost in time for summer. For the first time in MONTHS, my heating bill has been under $100. Which may not seem that expensive, but when you are heating a 700 sq. ft space, it’s a little absurd. I even opened my windows the other day and didn’t have to turn on the heat/oven to warm the apartment back up after. I call that a win.

4. First Trip to Nantucket:  May means Figawi and Figawi means Nantucket. I am so excited to be heading up to Nantucket for Memorial Day Weekend. Long weekends are the best, especially when they are spent with loved ones on my most loved island.

5. Not Commuting:

About a month ago I quit my job in NYC. While I enjoyed working in the city and having a 4-day workweek (HOLLA at continual long weekends), the commute left a lot to be desired. I found myself getting up at 4:15am (so not normal) if I was looking to get a workout in and 5:30 if I was feeling particularly lazy. After catching a shuttle from my apartment and making the 6:30 train (I sat on the train floor once or twice … #shameless), I worked until 6pm, caught a 6:25pm train home, then shuttle back to my apartment… it all meant I was walking in my door at 7:45pm. That was a long day. 13 hours. A lot of the time my dinner consisted of eggs, which I may or may not have eaten in bed, and then immediately passed out… before 9pm. Needless to say I was no fun Monday – Friday. But my new job has a commute of 10 minutes (door-to-door), and allows me the flexibility to get to work by 9am.  I’m enjoying my sleep. Stressing less (even though I’m working more). And balancing life a whole lot better. ______________________________________________________

What are some of your Friday favorites?

Has anyone tried SoulCycle? Who’s your favorite instructor?


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. 1) I really want to try soul cycle.
    2) Nantucket is the greatest place. I love all things New England, but that little island is special in its own way. I grew up sailing there as a kid and then we started going there for family reunions or to visit family once I got a little older. I haven’t been back in years since we stay pretty close to Jamestown/Newport (where I spent my summers growing up) but I love it there.
    3) I feel you on the commute. My boyfriend has been getting up at 4:15 am every morning to go to DC from Baltimore and he’s moving next month because it was just too much. I don’t wish those 13+ hour days on anyone and I’m so lucky for my 5 minute walk to work. I couldn’t imagine doing that every day!

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    1. I love love love Nantucket. My family has a vacation house there so I’m lucky that I get to visit 🙂 yes I just changed my commute so I’m a 10 minute drive… I almost don’t know what to do with all my free time! Hahaha


  2. I just tried Soul Cycle here.. and I have to say, I thought it was fun, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the instructor–I really like FlyWheel, already, but I need to try someone else at Soul Cycle before I made an “official” decision, lol. And YES to black cherry seltzer slash black cherry anything.


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