Boston Part 1


Looking back at the entire Boston experience, I almost don’t know where to begin. Part of me wants to start back when I finished my first marathon and thought I could BQ the next time around. Spoiler: I didn’t. Or maybe even I should start even further back when my Mom qualified and ran Boston in 2006. I had no concept of what a marathon was, how hard the training is, or the elusive “BQ” that every runner seems to lust after. But I knew it was something special.

But it’s easiest to start with Friday of my Marathon Weekend. I was lucky enough to snag housing in the Back Bay, only a mile from Boston Commons where I’d catch a bus Monday morning and, more importantly, only a half mile from the finish. Arriving Friday gave me the luxury to be relaxed the entire weekend. I caught up on some shows (Grey’s before it all went to hell… RIP McDreamy), stretch, and an early bedtime.

Saturday was Expo Day. Probably one of the biggest draws to running marathons is the Expo. The Boston Marathon Expo was nothing short of ABSURD. Even I was overwhelmed. It seemed like every running company and health food brand had vendors. Not to mention the section for official marathon merchandise was incredible. I shockingly refrained an ONLY bought the coveted jacket, a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and a glass. Really saved. Not.


After the Expo I headed to Newport to watch some rugby. While I pride myself on being an enthusiastic and supportive girlfriend, I will admit I fell asleep on the sidelines only to wake myself up by snoring. Clearly I needed some sleep so I went with it.  #JudgementFreeZone

Once back in Boston I was able to meet up with my little sister (from my sorority days) and her NEW fiancee for dinner. Eastern Standard was delicious and a perfect way to end my night surrounded by friends. Another early bedtime called (clearly sleep is not something I struggle with) and before I knew it Sunday morning had rolled around.

Because I was able to go to the Expo and pick up my bib Saturday, we were really able to relax all day Sunday. It was the perfect way to rest and enjoy the sun, since there wasn’t much the rest of my time in Boston. I met up with my parents and grabbed a not-so-early dinner at Lucca’s. Honestly, the food was a bit subpar, but what do you expect when you pretty much order off the children’s menu (read: plain spaghetti).

Once dinner was over and I headed back to the apartment my nerves started kicking in. Of all the races I’ve run, I’ve never had to race in poor conditions. Maybe a slight headwind and some overcast skies, but not what my Weather Channel app was predicting – heavy rain, high of 45, and a headwind between 20-30mph. But regardless I was going to run Monday and I was going to run well.

Race day itself deserves its own post as it was, and not to sound cheesy, a once in a lifetime experience. I surprised myself in so many ways – emotionally, physically, and most importantly mentally. It was my first Boston. And like they say, you never forget your first.


Did anyone else run Boston this year?

What are some tips for racing in bad weather?

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