So this is Blogging

Hi Blog World! Or most likely hi Mom, Dad, and everyone else I guilted into reading this blog.

For the past two years I have been apprehensive to start my own blog. Three years ago I became extremely interested in health and fitness, and through the wonderful world of Google, I started reading a bunch of running blogs.  I also started taking a hard look at what I was fueling my body with and how it impacted my running.

So here we are. I’m a runner who loves food, primarily cashew butter and frozen yogurt, I would rather spend time outside than inside, and am borderline obsessed with puppies.

I can’t wait to take this leap and share my daily experiences with you all. I have just completed my fifth marathon, the Boston Marathon, and find no better way to jump-start this blog than a recap of my favorite race of all time. Stay tuned

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